The Internet enables its users to freely exchange data. It provides the possibility to circulate cultural work trough mass distribution channels, give the net-audience access to it, but also to copy, forward, and even – as with open source
software – to commonly develop works with others. The laws currently valid, in particular the copyright laws as well as the traditional economy, art market and music industry are in opposition to these possibilities of cultural production and hinder
it's development.

Copyleft.cc is an open forum for artists, designers, programmers, lawyers, academics, musicians and producers, who choose digital and analogue media in their engagement with art and design.

The webplatform will provide information on copyleft and related contents. At the same time it will offer mailinglists, forums
for debate, an event calendar, and a news section and link lists.

In addition, the platform should provide possibilities for copyleft production. With its community, copyleft.cc will become a relevant databank for concepts, computer animations, installation, net.art, academic papers, digital music, visual effects,
and interactive art. Following the principles of the Free Art License (artlibre.org) these works will be made publicly accessible.

For these forms of cultural production business models should be developed, which allow a different form of economic exchange.


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